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College Campus Roadtrip

College selection ranks as one of the major decisions a young person is asked to make. A college degree positively impacts a person's esteem, employment ability, and earning potential. It is never too early for students to start thinking about career aspirations. The Margie McLean Foundation will begin college planning 5th grade. We assist students in examining their concerns, interest, and strengths to determine their future career paths.

Every student has a unique gift. When these gifts are nurtured and cultivated, their family, community and country will be the beneficiaries. The recognition of a student’s gifts, will give them insight into their interest. This insight is the first step toward developing their purpose. In order for students to discover their interest, the College Campus Roadtrip program encourages them to become good decision makers.

College Campus Roadtrip provides cultural and educational experiences that inspire students to: examine concerns and personal interest during the college selection process. It is our goal that once a student completes our program they will be able to select a college and a major that leads to a fulfilling future.

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