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Margie McLean Foundation, Inc.


In 2003, Margie McLean promised her grandmother, Margie S. McLean, that she would do everything that she could to make a difference in her community. Much like her grandmother, Margie love helping those in need. In 2004, she began mentoring high school ladies in North Carolina through a program called, Ladies of Quality. In 2014, Margie create additional programs, and expanded to Virginia and Maryland, and became the Margie McLean Foundation, Inc® named in honor of her grandmother. What was started with 15 young ladies has now grown into a nonprofit organization is committed to promoting pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future.

To date, we’ve have inspired over 100 middle and high school young ladies thorough the following programs: the Ladies of Quality Mentoring Program; Adopt-A Highway; the College Road trip; the Girls Empowerment and Leadership Summit (G.E.L); and more. It is our efforts to help create a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to young people, aspiring mentors, and the community at large.


View our vision, mission, and goals. 

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